Crypto on- and off-ramps explained

The upcoming Web3 era brings significant changes. Complex processes described with incomprehensible terminology shape the new transactional order.

November 7, 2022 · 2 min read

The upcoming Web3 era brings significant changes. Complex processes described with incomprehensible terminology shape the new transactional order. Innovators and Early Adopters thrive on it, but the Late Majority finds interactions with Web3 rather daunting. The advanced technology behind crypto wallets and exchanges does not excite them. The time spent on multiple KYC processes on various platforms is for them wasted. Mass users will only follow if there are quick, easy-to-use, reliable, and trustworthy ways – in – and – out of Web3. On the other hand, if Web3 is to be successful, mass adoption has to happen. Current and future users need to have that seamless transition guaranteed. They also need to understand what Web3 is about and how they benefit from it. Let’s go back to the basics.

What is fiat money?

Fiat is the money you use daily, whether it is the Dollar, Euro, or Złoty, guaranteed by the government that issued it. There is no commodity backing it. Paper money gives central banks control over the economy, leaving the decision of printing more, if needed, in their hands. The term fiat comes from Latin and translates as “let it be done”, highlighting the government’s role in maintaining the currency value. Fiat venerability calls for alternatives. Crypto assets are the alternative, and they become the investment and transactional choice for many. Web3 companies’ challenge is to provide potential users with an easy way of interacting.

How can you interact with the crypto market?

The blockchain world has not been so far easy to access. Most of the potential users, including financial institutions, and e-commerce but also individuals, find the process of using crypto on a day-to-day business basis to be technologically challenging, costly to implement, and laden with fraud risk. No business wants to undermine its operations or credibility.

What is an on-ramp?

In simple words, it is the process of exchanging fiat for crypto, the transition from fiat money to crypto assets. Unfortunately, the process usually involves going through multiple checks on various platforms to complete the transition. Sounds like a cumbersome activity, doesn’t it?

What is an off-ramp?

Off-raming is the reverse of on-ramping, the transition from crypto assets back to fiat money, simply cashing out.

What is TiltUp then?

There are service providers for on-ramping. There are service providers for off-ramping. There is TiltUp – the perfect business tool, a payment gateway for smooth crypto transactions whether it is collecting, exchanging, trading, or distributing crypto. TiltUp software offers both on- and off-ramp designed for all enterprises. It tilts up the potential users to Web3, a decentralized world of financial transactions. It’s the easy to implement, reliable, and fully controlled API. Our solution gives you full control of your assets, with KYC / KYB / AML procedures at the military security level.

Why should you “TiltUp” your company?

We created not only easy-to-use white-label software for you to brand, but also built a strong team with a focus on client service and solution implementation. The TiltUp team has significant experience and knowledge of both financial & crypto markets. We understand the challenges that both markets represent and therefore we know how to lead our clients through the process of our solution implementation to the highest standards. Each client receives a full project management package that includes:

  1. Initial assessment of requirements and scope – we identify the client’s goals, analyze their technical mandatories;
  2. Project planning – we prepare the client roadmap with a detailed task list and timeframe;
  3. Project implementation and integration with client’s systems – we join forces with the clients to execute the plan;
  4. System testing – we run the checks both on technical and client demand level;
  5. Project launching – we provide client service within a defined timeframe package.

Did we give you enough arguments to TiltUp your business?

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